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Episode Two: Creepy, Wacky… and True!

“KID LIT with Lisa Loeb” dives into the world of weird non-fiction for children. We meet a scuba diving cat, an agent from the Creepy Intelligence Agency, an Extraterrestrial named Ethel, and face questions that rate you from normal to one-of-a-kind weird… which turns out is pretty normal, too!

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In this debut episode of “KID LIT with Lisa Loeb,” we explore what’s going on with teen literature, how it’s drawing adult writers and readers, and how publishers are adding new imprints to join in. Listen to get up to speed on the Y.A. explosion!

  • From Lisa Loeb

From Lisa Loeb

I’m thrilled to be the host of a show that not only entertains, but also informs. As a mom of two and an avid reader since I was a young child, this is a show (with its author interviews and input from librarians and teachers) that excites me. It’s a way to share new books, remind listeners about classics, and get to know the stories behind the stories.

We all know that everyone should read good books and read more, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start. Kid Lit will provide plenty of ideas and inspiration to get all of us – kids and adults – reading!

And that’s something I’m proud to be part of.